You’ve found a vintage film or even a digital camera and you want to add a lens hood, a polarizer or even a UV filter to protect the lens.

On many vintage camera, the front of the lens has a threaded metal band. If the camera is pre-1950s, and a Kodak camera, it is likely to be set up for a Series accessory.

Adapts a lens edge, without thread, to be able to take Series 6 accessories

Adapts a lens edge, without thread, to be able to take Series 6 accessories

What is a Series accessory? Series accessories were developed as a way to efficiently and effectively use the same set of filters, hoods and other accessory on a broad spectrum of cameras.

In the early days, each manufacturer tended to use a different specification which led to duplication of accessories due to small variations in size.

Series adapter rings come in 2 forms

  • the first form is for cameras with a threaded edge – called a screw on. There are many different sizes, from 19mm and smaller to 44mm and greater, that screw on to the lens edge and create a pocket to hold a series filter (most often threadless – called a drop in filter).
  • the second form is for cameras without a threaded edge – called a slip over adapter because the adapter is set to slip over the outer barrel of the lens and crimp (or tape) on.

You can also move up and down the scale from Series 4 (most often used for mini cams) up to Series 9 (most often used in film making and large format cameras).

There are Bayonet mount adapters for Rolleiflex to adapt to Series accessories. There are 39mm adapters that adapt for older Leica cameras. Series 8 is often used on Hasselblad cameras and there are adapters specifically suited to adapt your Hasselblad to Series Accessories.

Common brands of series filters and adapters are Kodak, Ednalite and Tiffen.

We make a point to hunt down and stock many different sizes of Series accessories, especially Series 6.

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