This is the improved version of the Nikon SB 22 flash.

Nikon SB 22-s TTL Strobe Flash

compatible with film and digital - click here to learn more

The output has been increased to guide number of 92.
The ISO range has been increased to 25-1600.
There is built in autofocus assist up to 16 feet.
The flash output works with both TTL and manual.
There is a tilt/bounce head with additional panel increasing for 28mm lenses.
This strobe is suitable for Nikon film cameras, as well as
Nikon D1, D100, D2H, D2X, D70, and several Nikon Coolpix models.
Provided with compatibility chart,
Nikon SB 22 and SB 22-s instruction printouts,
Original Nikon pouch.
Powered by 4 AA batteries, not included.

CONDITION: In excellent working condition, clean cosmetics.