This is a fantastic large format lens, for architecture, landscape and other wide angle applications. Handpicked by Linhof, who only accepted about 11 percent of lenses sent to them for evaluation.

Fantastic Large Format Lens!

Fantastic Large Format Lens - Click to visit our site.

Image circle 100 degrees (215mm at f22).
Shutter speeds 1/500 to 1 second, B settings, press focus lever.
Synchronization for M/X as well as V (self timer).
F stop range 8 to 64.
Takes 67mm filters.
Serial number 11708205.
Coated, color corrected.
Includes original front and rear lens caps.

CONDITION: In excellent condition overall. All speeds checked within tolerance except 1/500 which was 1/2 stop slow. Click on photo above to visit our site or go to