Rare Large Format Lens - Schneider Kern Gold Dot Dagor 8 1/4 Inch F6.8 in Copal Shutter

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This is one of the finest view camera lenses ever made. The Kern Company in Switzerland made a small amount of Gold Dot Dagor lenses, which were then marketed by the Schneider Corporation of America. These lenses were made with a superior quality manufacture, and were very carefully assembled and checked. Kern is known and respected world wide for their lenses.

  • The front and rear elements were hand picked, and matched, after which the serial number 2002526 was engraved on both the front and rear mounts.
  • The lens is supplied in a Copal #1 shutter with both M & X flash synchronization, which have been checked and work correctly.
  • The F stop range is from 6.8 to 45.
  • This lens has a very high field of coverage, and comes close to an image circle suitable for an 8×10 camera.
  • It is an excellent selection for such applications as architecture and product photography, requiring a great deal of camera movement on a 4×5 or 5×7 view camera.
  • In addition the compact size and light weight of this lens makes it highly portable for field camera use.
  • The lens takes 40.5 screw in filters and adapters.
  • Includes front and rear lens caps, retaining ring.
  • The glass is coated and clean.
  • All speeds checked within tolerance, except for 1/250 and 1/500 which were 1/2 stop slow.
  • The previous owner toned down the gold dot with some marker to prevent reflections. It is possible to clean off the marker.
  •  This lens is very hard to find, and we do not have a source for any more of them.