M.G. Klecinsky Telelens 550mm F7.0 For Graflex

M.G. Klecinsky Telelens 550mm F7.0 For Graflex - Songofsnow.com

Pre-war Klecinsky telephoto lens mounted in 4×4 inch board for Graflex, or view camera with appropriate shutter.

This lens was either made in Germany or Eastern Europe.
The optics are uncoated.
The barrel is marked with F stops from 7.0 to 45.
Since the design is telephoto, infinity focus is about 350 to 400mm, allowing the lens to be used with a camera with a bellows much shorter than would be normally needed.
The lens is very well built, and weighs 1020 grams (2 lb 4 ounces).
The lens is mounted with a substantial brass flange, that has 4 screw holes.
It would be easy to mount on a different board.
The outer lens barrel is about 80mm, and would require a slip over adapter to attach a filter or lens shade.

Condition, well used, some minor marks to outer glass surfaces. This is a very rare lens. In nearly 35 years of photography business, we have never had another Klecinsky lens for sale.