Zone VI 4x5 Field Camera

Zone VI 4x5 Field Camera - More images at songofsnow.com

Mahogany 4×5 camera suitable for both studio and field photography.

Supplied with

  • Both standard and wide angle bellows, it is
  • Useable with lenses from 58mm to 355mm.
  • The camera is capable of front shifts and axial tilts that are unavailable in most field cameras.
  • Quality construction with gold plated machined and polished hardware.
  • Maximum bellows extension of 18 inches (457mm), minimum 1.8 inches (46mm).
  • Rise and fall 76mm, front lateral shift 36mm, front and rear swings 17 degrees.
  • Front axial tilts, unlimited.
  • Front base tilts 45 degrees.
  • Rear base tilts 35 degrees.
  • Weight 6 lbs.
  • Folded size 7.75 x 9.5 x 3.75 inches.
  • The back may be set in either horizontal (left or right) or vertical position (up or down).
  • Standard ground glass 4×5 back with 6×9 cm markings.
  • There are three built in bubble levels, which are easy to read.
  • The base has a 3/8 tripod socket, with inset 1/4-20 adapter.


  • Camera body with standard bellows,
  • Wide angle bag bellows,
  • Lensboard for #1 shutter,
  • (2) lensboards for #0 shutter,
  • Calumet ground glass protector,
  • Zone VI field camera case.

Condition: The camera shows light wear with some minor marks to the brass and wood finish. Overall the outfit is very good or better. The case shows some use related scuffing to the outer nylon shell. This camera outfit was owned by a professional photographer who was very careful with his equipment.