This particular lens (#50548) was featured in

Peter Dechert’s book Canon Rangefinder Cameras


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John Baird’s The Japanese Camera

In addition there is a scan of the rear of the other lens lacking the rear baffle (ours includes baffle), and a similar lens to ours in Hayato Ueyama’s Seiki Kogaku Kyannon. *

There is a lot of myth, and little fact available about the history of this lens. Apparently the lens has either four or five elements. Was the glass smuggled into Japan by submarine from Germany? Was it a secret lens that was only available to the Military? Was it an X-ray lens that was converted to use on a 35mm camera? Probably we will never know the true story.

TECHNICAL NOTES: This lens requires a Canon camera body which includes the Nippon Kogaku focusing mount. There is no focus built into this lens.

This Lens is in a Canon J mount. This lens fits the Canon Hansa, Canon-S, Canon J, Canon NS, Canon S. It possibly also fits the Canon J-2,in early production, however the lens mount on this camera was slightly different in later production than the other cameras.

The Hansa and Canon-S, S-I and NS models also required a very rare Nippon Kogaku focusing unit. This is not the same mount as used for Nikon rangefinder lenses, which is larger. F-stop range f2.0-f11. Available record states that only 164 of these lenses were made. Most probably it dates to around 1942.

PROVENANCE: This lens was owned by Peter Dechert until his passing in 2016. 
CONDITION: Overall condition is good or better, there are light cleaning marks on the front glass, and signs of use related wear to the chrome barrel, and black rear ring. The aperture blades are clean and function smoothly.
INCLUDES: Early Canon front lens cap. However, it is not original to this lens, which would have had a dome style Canon cap. The lens is complete, including the rear baffle, which the only previous sale we have been able to locate was lacking.

*Peter Dechert, Canon Rangefinder Cameras: Illustrated on P.27, P.48, P.49. Described in text P.31-32.

John Baird; The Japanese Camera. Illustrated P. 65. Described in text P.65-67.

Hayato Ueyama; Seiki Kogaku Kyannon. (Text in Japanese). Another Nikkor Regno lens is shown on P.145 The lens shown in this book is serial number #50458, only 10 lenses away from our lens.