Palladium Printing Made Easy by Ted Rice

This book is meant to be used and referred to again and again. Spiral bound to lie flat for easy reference, written in a straight forward manner that is easy to follow, in large type.

why make it complicated - step by step process

why make it complicated - step by step process

Table of Contents:

I. Materials
II. Introduction : Safety Warning / Work Space

III. Overview

IV. Detailed Instructions
A. Negatives: Film / Enlarged Negative/ and Masking
B. Chemistry: Mixing / Sensitizer / Developer and Clearing bath
C. Paper: Selection / Coating and Drying
D. Printing: Step Wedge / Print Frame / Light Source / and Exposure
E. Processing: Develop / Clear/ and Wash
F. Finishing: Dry / Flatten / Spot / Overmat and Color and Paint

V. Advanced Techniques: Gold Chloride / Glycerin Developing and Negative Modifications

VI. Troubleshooting

VII. Glossary

VIII. Palladium Printing Formulae

About the Author : Ted Rice was born in New York City in 1951. In 1974 he received a BFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts. Since then Ted has worked in many aspects of photography, including teaching, sales, commercial, fine art and dark room.

His images may be found in important museum collections, including the Amon Carter Collection; CCP, Tucson; Chicago Art Institute; Corcoran Gallery of Art; and the Flower Festival Museum of Osaka, Japan. He lives in Santa Fe

This book has been used around the world and we guarantee you’ll love it!

CONDITION: Published 1984, New, signed by author

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